Decks in Moist or Damp Areas: What You Need to Know

Deck Inspections

deck inspectionsMost people here in the San Francisco Bay Area are quite delighted by recent rainfalls. The years-long California drought may not be entirely over yet, but the El Niño weather pattern we’re currently experiencing certainly is bringing a measure of relief to empty reservoirs and parched Oakland yards.

Rain showers are great for lawns and gardens, but they’re not so great for outdoor decks. If your home features one or more decks in moist or damp areas, it’s time to call Schafer Construction for a professional deck inspection.

Schafer will send a skilled deck technician to expertly evaluate your outdoor deck for signs of water damage. We’ll check the posts, footings, boards and railings. If your deck has stairs, we’ll make sure they are safe and secure. Moisture damage can begin underneath the deck where you don’t normally see it, so your Schafer deck tech will take a good look in the crawlspace, too.

This season, East Bay decks are wetter than they’ve been in a very long time. Decks that are subjected to constant moisture are far more prone to rot, mildew and decay than decks standing in dryer areas. Schafer Construction builds quality decks that last a long time, but even our decks should be periodically inspected.

Why wonder if your deck has been damaged by recent rainstorms? Now is the right time to contact us and schedule a professional deck inspection. Let us ensure the safety of your deck in Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro and other East Bay areas.


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