Deck Repair – How to Inspect Your Deck for Rot

deckWood decks are a beautiful addition to any home, but undetected rotten wood may spoil your investment. Rot is a common Sablage de plancher issue sometimes unnoticed by homeowners until it is too late. Problems are not always visible in a concealed area, like underneath the deck. What looks like a small issue can actually indicate serious structural problems. Regularly inspect your deck for rot to prevent accidents or unexpected expenses.

Deck Repair

To test for deck rot, first, walk across the deck, bouncing a little as you go. Spots that seem soft or to give a little need attention. Test different areas of the deck by poking them with the sharp end of a nail. Poke between the boards, paying special attention to the joists. Soft-wood indicates a problem.

Areas that you don’t look at frequently are often the biggest spots for rot to form. Get under the deck and if you can’t do that, take up a floorboard if possible. Check the bottoms of the posts because rainwater splashes up against the wood. Sometimes water collects around the brackets, so rust and decay forms.

Pay special attention to the ledger, which is the piece that joins the deck to the house. This piece is the most crucial thing to check because a decaying ledger can cause dangerous accidents. Sometimes deck builders use an old ledger from a previous deck. After some years go by it may be in much worse condition than the deck itself.

Ultimately it is safest to call a professional to assess your deck. Our trained employees thoroughly evaluate your deck and can work with you on a solution. For more information about deck repair or replacement, please contact us.

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