3 Tips When Choosing a Deck Construction Contractor

Deck Construction

deck builder oakland caA deck adds beauty, value and functionality to any home. To get the maximum enjoyment out of the deck it is essential the structure is built correctly. It is to the homeowner’s benefit to choose a deck construction contractor that is experienced in the design, engineering and construction of decks.

Let’s discuss three things to consider when choosing a deck construction contractor.

1. Before signing a deck construction contractor to a contract, always obtain bids from several contractors. A reputable contractor will visit the site and spend time looking at the elements of site. They will want to know how the deck’s desired use and perhaps the age of children that may use the deck. Accept only written bids that list the materials to be used and an estimated time line to begin and complete the project.

2. Make sure the deck construction contractor holds the necessary licensing and insurance. Hiring a properly licensed contractor gives the customer some level of comfort the contractor is capable of performing the work. Proper insurance will cover the contractor, the customer and the property in case of accident resulting in injury or damage. A reputable contractor will include documentation of licensing and insurance with a written bid and contract.

3. Most municipalities require a project such as a deck receive prior approval from the local building inspector or other governing board. A reputable deck construction contractor will know the requirements and application and permitting process, but it is essential to know who will be responsible for that part of the project – the contractor or customer. There will most likely be a fee for the application process and it is important to know if the fees will be part of the estimate or if the customer will be required to pay the fee when the application is submitted.

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