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deck construction oakland caThe idea of outdoor living spaces has never been more popular. In recent years, this trend has risen, driving homeowners to get more and more creative with both design and material. Deck Construction is among the smartest and most attractive ways to transform an outdoor space. The following is a run-down on the available deck material choices.


Wood has been, and still is, the most common material choice for deck construction. Although other materials are swiftly rising in popularity, wood is a classic choice.

  • Pressure treated wood is infused with chemicals that make it resistant to insects and rot. It is one of the least expensive materials, and it is widely available. Although it stands against decay, it is not weatherproof and needs some maintenance. In order to keep its strength and appearance, washing, sanding, and staining are required.
  • Unlike pressure treated wood, redwood and cedar are naturally repellent to insects and rot. These too require the maintenance of washing, staining, and sanding in order to maintain strength as well as color.


  • Composite deck material is rising in popularity because of its durability, low maintenance, and variety of design. It is made from a fusion of wood and plastic and can mimic wood beautifully. Aside from periodic cleaning, this material is maintenance-free. Unlike wood, composite will not crack, warp, or decay
  • Plastic decking is very similar to composite in its durability, maintenance, and aesthetic. The big difference is that is completely plastic, with no wood in the mix.

All of the available decking material options provide the assurance that anyone considering deck construction will find the perfect design that fits their lifestyle and budget.

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