Consider Proper Lighting When Constructing Your Residential Deck

Deck Construction

For many homeowners creating a warm inviting atmosphere in their outdoor living space is equally important to creating one indoors. Depending on your exact location, many people like to create an environment in their yards that is specifically designed around lush gardens, refreshing pools, decking for entertainment, and pleasant patios to enjoy a hot coffee as the sun rises in the cool morning. When you take such care and effort in deck construction, you need to be careful to consider how to incorporate just the right deck & patio lighting to compliment it all. Here’a few pointers to accomplish that goal.

  • Safety First – Yes, lighting can definitely be used as a deck safety feature. Not only are well lit areas great deterrents to home intruders, but they are also great to prevent accidental trips and falls. This is a particularly useful feature if you have stairs to a deck. Using tread lighting on stairs to light each individual step is a great option to make sure you and your guests know exactly where every step is without any risk of an unseen drop creating physical injury.
  • Mood Enhancing Dimmers – We all love indoor dimmers in our media rooms for those theater-like movie experiences. It creates an effect that we all appreciate to get fully immersed in the experience. The same can be said for outdoor decks and patios. We don’t always want the lights to shine so bright, especially if you’re cuddling around a cozy fire or just enjoying some relaxation time under the stars. Dimmers on your outdoor lighting can create a wonderful ambiance that will go a long way in enjoying your outdoor area to the fullest.
  • Lighting with A Purpose – If you have an outdoor kitchen, you’re going to want to make sure the areas where you need the most light are addressed. If you’re going to be doing some heavy duty chopping and cutting of toppings for that pizza oven, you want to make sure you can see what you’re doing so you don’t end up with a severed finger on the menu … Yes, make sure your outdoor lighting serves all the key functional areas appropriately.

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