Common Materials for Paving Standard and Bridge Driveways in Oakland

Outside the realm of big city apartments and condominiums, a driveway is considered one of the integral components of a private residence. It’s not unlikely to see almost all homes in most developed countries sport driveways, wherein the latter is also considered a valuable home improvement.

Common Materials for Paving Standard and Bridge Driveways in Oakland

The question is: why are driveways treated as such? The answer is simple: a driveway is typically the first thing people see when coming up the curb, and it’s also one of the most frequently used areas in a property. Homeowners pay the likes of trusted Oakland deck builders a considerable amount of money just to balance driveway aesthetics and durability, and it’s mainly due to the reasons mentioned above. That being said, the paving material used on a driveway is an important factor, and there are a few popular materials for the job.

Concrete – An “old reliable,” concrete has paved many traditional and bridge driveways in Oakland for a long time. Concrete is known primarily for its durability, which is why construction firms like Schafer Construction, Inc. include it in their driveway-paving services. Concrete also allows for an almost-overnight paving process, and is also flexible enough to be made to look like brick, stone or other more expensive paving materials simply by imprinting it with patterns while it sets.

Asphalt – Homeowners have also revered asphalt surfaces, mainly due to the ease of maintenance they offer. For areas with extreme temperature variations, asphalt is a top choice—extreme cold and heat can damage other paving materials over time. Asphalt is “immune” to this thanks to its ability to expand and contract with the changes in temperature without cracking.

Pavers – Pavers may seem relatively recent, but they’re actually quite old. These are hard blocks of any material like stone which can be used to create smooth, hard surfaces outdoors. Modern pavers are typically brick or stone and are pre-cut, providing a standard size and shape. Pavers are prized for their aesthetics, though they’re typically pricey because installation is very labor-intensive. A perfect example of a paver is a cobblestone.

Gravel And Aggregate – Perhaps the cheapest of the bunch, gravel or crushed stone is also the easiest-installed since they’re only laid on the ground to create a path. The loose nature of these materials, however, means that they’ll inevitably scatter over time, get stuck in tires and even wash out from spaces with a lot of storm water runoff so be prepared for them.


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