Deck Building in the Oakland Hills: Why You Should Hire a Professional to Build Your Sloping Landscape Deck

Deck Building

Oakland Deck BuildingBuilding an Oakland, CA deck on a difficult slope is not for the faint of heart. Without exception, sloping landscape environments present complexities never considered for conventional deck construction projects. The stability and level surface of the finished product are important design elements that cannot be neglected. Special requirements for slope deck building might include:

  • Construction of temporary structures for support
  • Alteration of standard construction sequences
  • More robust foundation
  • Additional measuring and layout
  • Additional site preparation
  • Additional building materials
  • Additional workers
  • Additional safety precautions
  • Ladders or scaffolding
  • Differing landscape considerations

Taking the above-referenced fundamentals into consideration, employing a construction expert will also ensure that the chosen site is appropriate for the project and that the plans meet code constraints. A qualified, committed and capable partner will plan your deck, gain the necessary approvals and see the project through, from start to finish. They can also provide needed repairs if these become a future need.

Although  constructing your deck on an area of your property that slopes has its share of challenges, it is well worth the cost. In the case of steeply sloping terrain, the area covered by your deck is unlikely to be useful in other ways. Augmenting the area with a functional and attractive feature not only enhances your lifestyle, but also your property value.

Investing in a deck for sloping property is not to be taken lightly. A contractor with proven experience is your best option. Contact us for a thorough site inspection and consultation. Our extensive list of satisfied clients and our community involvement in the Oakland and San Fransisco Bay area communicate our commitment to quality and integrity.

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