Benefits of Using a Professional Deck Builder

Oakland Deck Builders
Oakland Deck Builders

A deck creates an outdoor living space where one can relax or entertain. Who doesn’t love a deck? However, when deciding to build it DIY versus a professional deck builder, many individuals make the wrong choice. Building a deck is more difficult than many Do-It-Yourselfers realize. The task requires a working knowledge and understanding of construction practices and principles.

We all know why a homeowner would try to tackle this project. They want to save money. Using a contractor to build your deck can cost double. They have employees and overhead costs. Also, they have to make money for themselves. Another issue is control. You have to trust your contractor to do everything exactly the way you want it. If you do it yourself, you have complete control of everything.

However, when a homeowner and deck contractor work together, the outcome is almost always better than attempting to handle things alone. A deck is a high-value addition, and mistakes are a liability. Working with an experienced builder will ensure one gets the deck they want.

You may say to yourself, “Homeowners build great looking, functional decks all the time.” This is true. But do you really know what you are getting yourself into when you attempt to build a deck?

Here are several things to think about when considering DIY versus contractor when building a deck:

Design — A contractor can ensure your deck correctly flows into the landscape.
Building Code — There are building codes that one must adhere to, and plans must address issues such as load, frost depth, safety codes, and other factors.
Materials — A contractor knows the best materials to use for the deck you want. Moreover, materials are not cheap, and mistakes are costly.
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