Winter Deck Repair and Maintenance

Deck Repair

deck repairYour deck is almost as central to your family life as your kitchen. Great memories are made as it provides a place for meaningful gatherings. Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing on a deck, sipping sweet tea as the day ends and the sun dips below the horizon?

As winter temperatures begin to chill the air and weather patterns change, your deck needs a little bit of tender loving care to keep it in tip-top shape.

Hopefully you were diligent in cleaning the deck after the last leaf floated down. The first step in reducing the need for deck repair is keeping the surface clean.

Cleaning your deck:

  • Power washing your wooden deck is a great way to clean it without risk of damage caused by harsh chemical cleaners.
  • If you prefer, there are many good wood cleaners on the market.
  • Be sure you read labels carefully.
  • Always steer clear from any cleaner containing bleach

Once your deck has been thoroughly cleaned you will need to closely inspect it for any needed repairs.

Should you see any mold or mildew, you will want to take the proper steps to keep it from destroying your property. One of the most effective ways to remove mold from a deck is by using a steam power-sprayer. Mold dies at 140F.

A few tips to follow if your winter climate includes snow:

  • Remove the snow as quickly as possible. Snow that stays around might be the beginning of future mold growth.
  • A plastic shovel works great. Shovel along with the wood grain, not across it.
  • Never use salt on your patio. Salt will destroy the finish and leave stains.

Often times, it is great deck maintenance that leads to less repair demands and a higher level of family enjoyment.

Don’t wait until your deck is in ill-repair to seek the help of professionals. Protect your investment and contact us with your questions or future needs.

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