6 Creative Decorating Ideas to Revamp Your Old Deck

Occasionally, you need a change. Some people go on vacation. Some people switch jobs. What do you do when you are happy with all aspects of your life but feel the itch to make a change? Look outside. Is it time to revamp your old deck? Yes! Your outdoor haven is the perfect place for a transformation. All you need is a little creativity and to choose experienced deck contractors in Montclair when you set out to enhance your existing outdoor haven. Look to them for elevated decks, pergolas, expansions, and more.

6 Ideas to Revamp Your Old, Tired Deck

It is time to take out a sheet of paper or open up a blank document on your computer and note down ideas. Look up decorating tips online. Many people have wonderful creativity that you can take inspiration from. Here are six ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Engage a reliable company for inspections and repairs. Before you can make any changes and revamp your beloved outdoor haven, you want to ensure you have a safe and solid base to work with. Fasteners can get loose and cause boards to wobble. Railings can also loosen, causing possible injury. A company specializing in deck repair can quickly inspect your current setup and make needed fixes.
2. Clean your slate. Annual cleaning is a must to ensure your haven is ready to receive your new upgrades. It’s also helpful as a part of maintenance for the deck’s longevity.
3. Add colorful accessories. A simple way to update a deck is to swap out drab cushions for new, vibrant colors. You can use a bright outdoor carpet to establish an eating area separate from the grilling area or a cozy conversation corner. Potted plants can also add color.
4. Build a pergola. Some shade can add character while defining a seating or eating area. Additionally, the pergola gives you a canvas for lighting, hanging plants, and serene coverings.
5. Reboot the landscape. Overgrown shrubs and trees, debris, and worn-out walking stones may leave you with little desire to go out on your deck. Add bright shades of ground cover, Japanese maple trees, or other colorful plants. Pull up those old stones and add new pavers to match the general color scheme of your new landscape.
6. Complete a total overhaul. Sometimes, a complete revamp is what you need. Quality deck contractors in Montclair can help you expand your existing deck or build a new one. Talk with your contractor about what you envision and let them help you make your dream come true.

Hire a Dependable Deck Contractor to Revamp Your Outdoor Oasis

Let the transformation begin when you enlist the services of the skilled deck contractors at Schafer Construction. Our team has decades of experience and is ready to bring your dreams into reality. Look to us for deck building, repairs, remodels, and inspections. We thrive on helping homeowners make the most of their haven. Build memories on your new deck when you call us today!

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