6 Common Problems with Decks and How to Avoid Them

Decks provide us with an outdoor space to visit with family and friends. They also afford many with a quiet spot to read a good book or listen to the sounds of the outdoors. These extensions of our homes can last for years, as long as they are adequately maintained. Preventing a catastrophe is possible when you understand the most common problems your deck is likely to face and how you can avoid them.

Consistent inspections can avert many disasters, and possible future collapses. As time goes by, the weather can wreak havoc on wood. If there are excessively worn areas, call in Montclair’s trusted deck contractors at Schafer Construction to fix, refurbish, or rebuild your haven.

Look for These Common Problems

It takes regular inspections to ensure your deck remains structurally sound. Experienced deck contractors know to look for these6 signs:

  1. Water Damage –Unsealed wood is prone to water damage at high rates. If water is no longer beading on the boards, it is time to reapply a sealant. Before you do, thoroughly clean and replace boards as necessary.
  2. FadingAll wood loses its luster over time and eventually turns gray as it ages. Damage and debris can exacerbate it. A good wood cleaner can help restore some of the color. Be sure to follow up by sealing the boards.
  3. Rot –Boards will eventually rot, even with consistent maintenance. This is especially true if there is water that is continually getting to the wood like from cluttered gutters. Decay can lead to injuries quickly, for instance, if a railing fails and someone falls off. Look for signs of deterioration and replace as necessary.
  4. Gaps in the Boards–Wood will shrink over time and create gaps in between the boards. To alleviate the differences, you will have to replace planks.
  5. Loose Ledger Boards–If your deck is attached directly to your home or apartment building, it is done with a long, horizontal plank. This piece supports the floor joists, and when it decays, it can cause a collapse. Make sure water cannot seep behind the ledger by using flashing tucked up behind the siding.
  6. Damaged Stairs –The bottom step is susceptible to moisture leading to rot, mold, mildew, and insect infestation. The other steps can loosen and pull away from the deck. Your stairs may need to be cleaned and sealed. If they have deteriorated, you will need them replaced.

Safeguard your family by Staying on Top of Deck Maintenance

By being proactive, you can enjoy your haven in safety. With careful inspections and repairs from Montclair’s trusted deck contractors at Schafer Construction, you can rest assured that the integrity of the wood is sound. We have worked with homeowners across the Orinda, Montclair, and the San Francisco Bay area to protect families by preventing deck collapse. Let our team of licensed professionals help you.

Call us today at 510-339-9100 or contact us online to see why homeowners across Montclair and the San Francisco Bay Area rely on Schafer Construction for their structural repair and construction needs.

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