What are Key Points to consider before building my deck ?

  1. What do you want to use your deck for?
  2. How often will you use it?
  3. Will it be in direct sunlight or in a shaded area?
  4.  Do you want to achieve more or less exposure to the sun, or a balance of sun and shade?
  5. Where do the prevailing winds come from? Do you require a wind block?
  6. How many people will use it?
  7. How much privacy will you want?
  8. What type of deck amenities will you include in your plans?
  9.  A spa, barbecue, planter boxes, lighting, outdoor heater, seated bar or snack counter, are just a few of the options we can implement.
  10. Do you have sufficient room to walk around the furniture when people are seated? This is often overlooked!
  11. How much maintenance do you want to have for your deck?