Consider Proper Lighting When Constructing Your Residential Deck

Deck Construction For many homeowners creating a warm inviting atmosphere in their outdoor living space is equally important to creating one indoors. Depending on your exact location, many people like to create an environment in their yards that is specifically designed around lush gardens, refreshing pools, decking for entertainment, and pleasant patios to enjoy a … Continue reading "Consider Proper Lighting When Constructing Your Residential Deck"

Deck Repair Issues

The regular maintenance of an outdoor deck can seem a bit of a hassle. Regardless, you can avoid many common deck repair issues before they happen. Ignoring problems will not only have potential costs, but there is also the risk of injury. This is serious stuff. Improper maintenance and ignoring regular deck repair is not just an issue of appearance. … Continue reading "Deck Repair Issues"

Deck On a Difficult Slope?

The following true story illustrates the reason why you need to absolutely vet any contractor you plan on using. There should be a BBB recommendation as well as successful customer stories at the company’s site. What you do not want to happen is what happened to a family in Auckland, New Zealand. Even though this … Continue reading "Deck On a Difficult Slope?"

Getting the Deck You Want

Getting the deck you want When it comes to building anything at your home, the big question that comes into play is DIY versus contractor. The temptation of cost savings may drive you toward taking on the project on your own, but it’s important to consider the advantages of hiring a contractor as well. What do you … Continue reading "Getting the Deck You Want"

Building Bridge Driveways

Bridge Driveways One unique distinction of the Oakland Hill, Montclair, and Piedmont areas are that homes offer stunning hillside views thanks to meandering roads that weave throughout the hills and valleys of the region. Unfortunately, this uneven terrain often makes traditional construction difficult. Homes are designed so that common areas and bedrooms overlook the hill … Continue reading "Building Bridge Driveways"