Planning for a New Deck This New Year

Some homeowners look at their deck as a party pad. They invite family and friends to enjoy good food and make lasting memories. Others look at their deck as a haven to find relief from everyday stress. They grab a favorite book and a beverage …

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How to Create a Staycation Haven in Your Backyard

Summertime travels are a fun part of life. Choosing a destination, planning the route, packing up, and heading out, add to the anticipation of an adventure. Some frustrations also, unfortunately, come with going on vacation, such as missed flights, lost baggage, and crowded vacation spots. …

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Why Should You Consider a Deck Contractor?

Deck Contractor There’s nothing like the feeling of stepping back and taking a look at your DIY project and feeling a great sense of pride in what you have accomplished. Do it yourself projects can be fun, inclusive, and even educational. However, in many cases, …

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